BotWheelie: India’s Best Online Robotics Course for Kids

India’s Best Robotics Course for Kids

Learning Robotics helps the students understand science better and develop a keen interest towards it.

About BotWheelie

India's Best Robotics Course for Kids

BotWheelie is especially designed for high school students who have just started understanding basic concepts in science and electronics. The course is thoughtfully designed to suit the understanding and comprehension level of a school student.

Times have changed and students all over the globe are taking up extra-curricular and gaining additional knowledge. Kids interested in science and robots will find the course very interesting and a lot of their questions on the mysterious subject of robotics will be answered by this introductory course

To hold on to the attention of today’s kids, we have used rich animation that enables better visual learning and guarantees a fun learning experience for them. We give you personal assurance that this is the best thing a science-savvy kid can learn!

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What's Special About this Course

India's Best Online Robotics Course for Kids

  • Limited time offer of 70% OFF on the best Robotics course for kids
  • Step by Step Guide to Build Your Own Robot
  • Complete online course module with self-paced learning to suit different students
  • Compact and child-safe Kit that aids learning of complex concepts without having sharp edges that can injure kids
  • Develops Creativity & Problem Solving among Kids
  • Helps children to understand complex mathematical and scientific concepts
  • Productive hobby to keep your child engaged and away from distractions
  • Robotics is fast-growing field in India and has great career opportunities

About the Trainer

India's Best Electronics Blogger & Trainer

Pritam is a tech enthusiast, trainer, blogger and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about electronics, IoT, Robotics, Embedded Systems and actively researches on how robots can make our lives easier. He shares his learnings on the blog

He teaches through various tailor-made online courses to make it easier for students of various ages and educational backgrounds to step into the exciting world of learning electronics.

After years of research, he had developed an online robotics course for high school students. The course is especially designed keeping in mind the comprehension level of a standard high school student. The course empowers the student to use his creativity while at the same time it provides step by step support to help a kid build his own robot.

The Complete BotWheelie Package

Remote Controlled Robot Car

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Understanding parts of a Robot
  • Setting up the manual Robot
  • Doubt clearing and discussion forum

Wireless Self-controlled Robot Car

  • Introduction to Automatic Motion
  • Sensors and their importance
  • Setting up the wireless Robot
  • Doubt clearing and discussion forum

Wireless User Controlled Robot Car

  • Ways to control wireless robot
  • How they receive user signal
  • Setting up the robot modules
  • Doubt clearing and discussion forum
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